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Gain visibility into a critical blind spot in the U.S. gas market with the industry’s only proprietary intrastate monitored storage data

Proprietary intrastate monitoring sheds light on fundamental storage changes to inform supply and demand

Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and the NGPL system are some of the most important storage regions in the country, yet public data for them is limited or completely unavailable. Market participants are pushed to make important business decisions with a major blind spot in information. Using proprietary monitoring techniques and expert analysis, Genscape’s Instrastate Storage Monitoring services unmasks these unknown storage systems to deliver the industry’s only point of visibility into this crucial market component.

Using infrared imaging and patented electro-magnetic field monitors, analysts are able to know - in near-real-time - estimated injection and withdrawal values at key intrastate storage sites. Regressed data is correlated to reported inventory values and grossed-up to estimate remaining market values. Genscape’s data for storage in Texas, Illinois, Michigan, and NGPL is available as a Datafeed download or via the Natural Gas Analyst tool, the industry’s largest public and proprietary database of gas nominations and flows.

Texas Intrastate Storage Monitoring:

Texas intrastate storage monitoringAccording to the EIA, nearly 30 percent of the U.S.’s proved natural gas reserves are in Texas, yet there is virtually no public data on intrastate movements, forcing gas market participants to make important business decisions with a major blind spot. Using proprietary monitoring techniques and expert analysis, Genscape’s Texas Intrastate Storage Monitoring service unmasks this unknown to deliver the industry’s only point of visibility into this crucial piece of the puzzle.

Genscape’s proprietary advantage allows for dramatic improvements to estimates of Texas storage activity and South Central storage models.

NGPL Storage Breakout:

NGPL storage breakoutNatural Gas Pipeline Company of America holds 290 Bcf of working gas capacity under a single publically reported nomination point. This capacity, held among seven facilities in the EIA’s Midwest and South Central regions, creates a significant problem for regional storage models and balances. Genscape has installed monitors at five of the seven facilities in this system and is building models to breakdown the NGPL flow values into regional and facility level estimates. By breaking down this massive flow into useful components, Genscape will provide clarity into the previously obscure NGPL storage activity.

Michigan and Illinois Intrastate Storage:

Michigan intrastate storageStorage in Michigan and Illinois serves as a critical supply to the Chicago and Midwest markets, yet no storage facilities in Illinois report activity through nominations and only 39 percent of Michigan’s daily deliverable storage capacity is available publically. Genscape has installed monitors to cover an additional 41 percent of Michigan’s daily deliverable storage capacity through five facilities and 84 percent of Illinois’s daily deliverable capacity through nine facilities. Using Genscape’s proprietary and public data, analysts are now able to see at least 80 percent of daily storage activity in near real-time in both Michigan and Illinois.



Delivery: Daily raw data via Datafeed or Natural Gas Analyst

Frequency: Daily and Weekly

Locations: North America

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Features of Genscape's Intrastate Storage Monitoring service:

  • Access to raw data on a daily basis via Datafeed or Natural Gas Analyst, including estimates of daily storage activity at specific facilities in TX, MI, IL, and NGPL
  • Weekly intelligence report on facility-level and state-level changes
  • Full history for all monitored systems
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Benefits of Genscape's Intrastate Storage Monitoring service:

  • Inform and improve your storage and supply and demand models with insight into Texas, Michigan, and NGPL storage
  • Infer supply and demand balances across all market fundamentals
  • Gain exclusive insight into what happens within Texas and Michigan state boundaries as it relates to weekly EIA storage numbers
  • Gain exclusive insight into regional storage activity along the NGPL system
  • Create better estimates of supply and demand when you know the swing component of what’s missing
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A daily regional breakdown of supply & demand balances, 3 months ahead of EIA monthlies