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A comprehensive look at the factors driving the state of play in this key trading hub every Tuesday at 10AM ET

Gain unrivaled insight into highly accurate crude oil storage levels at St. James, inbound rail and outbound pipeline movements, and granular detail of Collierville spur lines

Storage measurements tell traders where supply is concentrated. Pipeline and rail car flows reveal how that supply got there, and where it’s likely to go next. Genscape’s weekly St. James Supply Hub Report provides a snapshot of the key data for storage, rail and pipeline flows including historical granular data.

This weekly report, delivered via email every Tuesday at 10AM ET, is based on the state of play on the previous Friday for the Genscape network of proprietary pipeline and rail monitors plus actual storage measurement. Why rely on three month old data or estimates when you can have measurements that are relevant today?

The report provides highly accurate storage levels for this critical crude oil storage facility in St. James, LA. The report also includes inbound rail movements from the PAA and Nustar terminals and outbound pipeline movements on the Capline system from St. James to Collierville; plus additional granular detail of Collierville to Memphis and Collierville to Patoka spur lines.

St James Supply Hub Chart


Delivery: Emailed PDF reports, access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence dashboard, and historical Excel datasets 

Frequency: Weekly

Locations: North America

Subscribe: Call 866 292 8060

St. James Supply Hub


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The St. James Supply Hub Report features:

  • Pipeline includes: Capline–St.James to Collierville, Capline- Collierville to Patoka, Capline– Collierville to Memphis
  • Rail includes: PAA and Nustar receiving terminals from Bakken
  • Storage owners include: Capline, Ergon, LOCAP, Marathon, XOM, Nustar, PAA and Shell
  • Weekly snapshot of oil storage, inbound rail and outbound pipeline movements at this key hub
  • Access to data via a web-based dashboard, CSV files, and Genscape’s historical data access tool (GDAT)
  • Intelligence reports delivered as-needed with maintenance updates and alerts
St. James Intelligence Report
The St. James Supply Hub Report includes periodic market intelligence updates


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Benefits of the St. James Supply Hub  Report:

  • Gain insight on the growing rail delivery from Bakken to St. James and its effect on basis relationships
  • Track movements on Capline as they leave St. James and arrive at either Patoka or Memphis
  • Watch the impact of weekly inventory moves at St. James as this key supply hub brings waterborne access to Bakken
  • Get immediate access to new expansions in coverage of inbound and outbound crude at St. James
  • Stay up to date on infrastructure build outs through exclusive Market Intelligence reports from our analyst team

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Click here to download a sample of the St. James Supply Hub Report

St. James Supply Hub Report