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Granular crude oil storage measurements for key storage locations in China

Receive a granular view into Chinese crude oil inventories, with data available down to the tank-level

In China, the true storage capacity, as well as the amount of crude oil being stored as reserves and for commercial uses, has largely remained a mystery. Genscape’s China Crude Oil Storage Report sheds light into the opaque Chinese crude oil market by using optical satellite imagery to provide bimonthly crude oil inventories, with data available down to the tank level.

Genscape’s new China Crude Oil Storage Report will initially monitor 10 key terminals, accounting for approximately 53 percent of China’s crude storage tank capacity. The initial product offering captures areas supplying crude oil to key state and teapot refineries and petroleum reserves. Within a year, Genscape will expand coverage to at least 90 percent of China’s crude oil storage tank capacity, focusing on the largest facilities containing significant strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) first.

Genscape’s storage experts have also made preliminary determinations of SPR or commercial for crude oil storage, allowing traders, analysts, and hedge funds to better understand the crude oil demand in China, a crucial factor in rebalancing the oversupply of crude oil on the market.

Different types of imagery for the Genscape China Crude Oil Inventory Report

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Delivery: Access to Genscape's Oil Intelligence Dashboard & historical Excel datasets

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Locations: China

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Features of the China Crude Oil Storage Report include:

  • Tank-level data will be available for approximately 90 percent of China’s total crude oil tank capacityChina Crude Oil Storage Report Map
    • China currently has approximately 1.1 billion bbl of crude storage capacity available in above-ground tanks
  • One year of historical data available for all terminals
  • Genscape data on storage terminals will be released in stages, reaching 30 port/terminal locations over the course of the year

Month-long trial subscriptions include:

  • Prior 6 months of historical data 
  • Data file that includes:
    • Storage field names
    • Owner names
    • Report dates
    • Operational crude oil storage capacity
    • Amount of stored crude oil and operational capacity

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Benefits of the China Crude Oil Storage Report include:

  • Proven, accurate satellite measurement methodology is calibrated to Genscape’s proprietary aerial tank-level measurements
    • Within 3 percent of our traditional fly-over methods for high resolution imagery
    • Within 8.5 percent of our traditional fly over methods for low resolution imagery
  • Rigorous research ensures we capture crude oil storage, not refined products
  • Get preliminary designations of SPR vs. commercial storage
    • As history is developed, we will provide two commercial storage designations: commercial petroleum reserves and commercial (operational) storage

Genscape China Crude Oil Storage Report

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