U.S. Fertilizer Production & Transportation Report

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Timely, Accurate Insight into the US Fertilizer Supply Chain and Transportation into Brazil

Access the most frequent and accurate fertilizer production and transportation data

Get accurate production numbers for urea, UAN and anhydrous ammonia, and  the import of all major bulk fertilizers for the U.S. and Brazil ahead of shipment delivery and U.S. customs. We use our extensive portfolio of proprietary utility monitoring technologies to deliver weekly monitoring reports of the U.S. fertilizer production sector, including an assessment of ammonia, urea and UAN production trends and individual plant capacity utilization levels.

This report also uses our Vesseltracker's precision vessel locations and a one of a kind GIS database to predict the import and export of all major fertilizers from US ports and from international ports to key ports in the U.S. 

Get weekly insight and daily alerting on key trends and vessel events to stay ahead of the game:

  • Comprehensive Vessel Tracking: We leverage our own Vesseltracker data to give you an accurate data feed of global shipping. Follow waterborne movements arriving in the U.S. from key international ports.
  • Real-Time Alerting: We keep you in the know with immediate notice of potential plant shutdowns, large shifts in productions, and new vessels destination expectations. 


Our clients have told us we have the most accurate, timely, up to date vessel lineup in the business.  Combine this with weekly model updates for anhydrous, urea and UAN production presented up to the day of the report, and you will have the most accurate supply/demand data around.


Determine price movements from domestic supply, demand, and import swings to make smarter, more informed trading decisions.


Our report will constantly improve your modeling, assessments, and statistical analysis with the most frequent data available in the market.


Know about imports ahead of shipment deliveries and U.S. customs. Using our unique portfolio of monitoring technologies and Vesseltracker product, we predict the movement of urea and ammonia from international ports to key ports in the U.S.