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Complete View of Waterborne LPG Exports

A weekly picture of LPG export volatility 2 days ahead of the EIA's inventory report

Given the tremendous amount of supply over the past several years, exports have become the key to balancing North American NGL markets. 

We deliver a complete view of waterborne LPG exports by providing current and historic weekly export data. Using our maritime product, Vesseltracker, we track and analyze every LPG tanker movement and activity across the globe. We connect this information with real-time monitoring of fractionators, petrochem facilities, pipelines and expertise, and government data sources to provide the most complete details and commentary on LPG and ethane export volumes from U.S. ports.

The most reliable LPG and ethane export data available: 

  • Data Granularity: We provide macro and regional breakdowns along with detailed intelligence on ship activities from U.S. departure to destination. 
  • Timeliness: Our weekly report is published on Mondays, two days ahead of the EIA inventory report, giving you advance notice of weekly export volatility. 
  • Expert Insight: Inform your supply and demand model and identify trends in port activity, destination, and price economics with support from our team of seasoned analysts.


Understand how much propane and butane could be loading for overseas destinations and be the first to know of larger-than-expected exports.


Keep your regional balances updated with detailed information on LPG vessels and their destinations. Take your knowledge base to the next level with our export coverage and real-time monitoring.